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The SynergEyes® Hybrid Contact Lens

A better hybrid contact lens that combines the superior visual acuity of a rigid lens with the comfort of a soft contact lens. The revolutionary SynergEyes® hybrid contact lens with its rigid center and soft lens skirt, allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – a stable, high oxygen permeable rigid center that delivers consistent crisp, clear vision with the all-day comfort of a soft contact lens.

Roswell Eye Clinic contact lens fittings are done by experienced doctors who understand vision and eye health.   We are one of only 25 practices fitting the new Synergeyes Duette multifocal contact lenses.  We fit gas permeable hard lenses. We also clean and refinish these lenses in our office.  We fit ALL brands of soft contact lenses including those for astigmatism, bifocal progressive lenses. We have contact lenses that are replaced daily, weekly, monthly and yearly . We work with specialty fits for patients who have kerataconus and dry eyes.

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We fit all brands and types of soft contact lenses.  You can often wear lenses daily and throw them away or sleep in them for 30 days.  The type lens to use and duration of wearing and replacing lenses is individual and based on many factors.  This is critical to successful contact lens wear, at Roswell Eye Clinic we will discuss what is right for you.   We fit and inventory a large number of your major brands of soft contact lenses such as Acuvue, Ciba, B & L, and Cooper vision.   You can often leave with your contact lenses the day of your eye examination or if special ordered you can choose to have them shipped

directly to your home or office.  We honor all coupons and rebates for a free trial pair of disposable soft lenses *.   Our prices are competitive with online pricing with the convenience of receiving your lenses on the day of your visit or letting us do the ordering for you.   Additionally, we fit custom made soft lenses for astigmatism, bifocals, high powers that are out of range of standard soft lenses.

*The free trial pair does not include exam and contact lens service and fitting fees

Gas permeable lenses require more time and expertise to fit properly.  Roswell Eye Clinic has been fitting these lenses for over 30 years.  Gas permeable lenses are available for astigmatism and bifocal prescriptions as well as being therapeutic for kerataconus.  

We are able to clean and refinish these lenses in our office.

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