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To the Doctors and Vision Therapy Professionals at Roswell Eye Clinic-

We are writing to express our thanks to your practice for the excellent standard of care provided to all our family members here in Roswell. Our gratitude is especially extended to you for the exemplary manner in which our 4 year old daughter’s special care needs were met with immeasurable patience, understanding, and optimistic support shown during our journey toward recovery following her diagnosis with Strabismus and Esotropia. Her eyesight is now completely normal, thanks to your treatment program!

Like many parents, we had a child who passed all the normal vision exams given for youngsters at the Pediatricians office. Unknown to us, the usual eye chart tests and other conventional methods employed were not adequate to reveal the underlying problems in her vision. Only later, when one eye began to turn in toward her nose, did we seek out a professional vision exam. Thank goodness that we did not decide to “wait it out” in the hope that time would resolve her misalignment.

Your rapid and accurate diagnosis was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Vision Therapy treatments that gradually restored her eyes to normal alignment. Just as important was the consistently excellent care that she received by your staff of Therapists – their dedication to children and their vision care is amazing. Our daughter found a lot more than a way to see properly again while in their care – she experienced support and encouragement that has shown great benefits in her overall development.

We can give our complete confidence to other families who are starting out on the path to correcting a child’s vision problems through the care provided at Roswell Eye Clinic. We also encourage parents to take advantage of the diagnostic exams available today that can help prevent a potentially serious condition from developing. Our family is extremely thankful for all the Doctors, Therapists and staff at Roswell Eye Clinic!


Dave Chastain and Family