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Looking After Your Vision Since 1979


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Our family loves the Roswell Eye Clinic!  And if you're squeamish about your eyes, it's definitely the place to go! 


 I started seeing Dr. Berger back in the early 1980s.  I wanted to try contacts but you could say I was a "little sensitive" about anything coming near my eyes (I was at quite a disadvantage).  She was incredibly patient with me and really wanted to help me to be able to wear them.  After several attempts to put them in for me, and with my eyes involuntarily shutting upon entry, she hesitantly agreed to let me try it myself.  With guidance from her and a few tries, I was successful.  Hooray!  Decades of comfortable, easy and clear eyesight followed.  She's taken me from being near-sighted all the way through to now also being far-sighted as I've gotten older and she has kept my vision perfect both near and far.  


Over the years, I brought my husband and two daughters to her and they are all in her care.  In fact, our youngest, who unfortunately inherited her mother's squeamishness, just recently tried contacts.  Once again, Dr. Berger worked with her and showed her how to put them in herself!  Dr. Berger is as dedicated and patient now as ever and has proven to be a trusted doctor with our family's cherished eyesight.  


The entire staff at the Roswell Eye Clinic is devoted to the health of their patients.  I learned that during regular eye exams, they can tell things about a patient's overall health and have, on occasion, referred patients to other physicians when a health problem was noted.  I really like their comprehensive approach and recommend them highly!  

Laura Pulvers